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Choose the ideal campsite for your next trip to France!

Ciela Village, an expert in outdoor holidays in exceptional settings, a family business in high-end outdoor hospitality, offers tailor-made holidays that are active, relaxing and exciting, as well as luxury accommodations. With Ciela Village, you will enjoy a unique experience in 4 and 5-star campsites ideally located in the heart of the most beautiful regions of France!

Find the one that suits you!

  • Les Marsouins

    Argelès-sur-Mer, Pyrénées Orientales

    Starting at 264 €/ week

    Starting at 23 €/ night

  • Le Pommier

    Villeneuve-de-Berg, Ardèche

    Camping Villeneuve-de-Berg Ciela Village Domaine Le Pommier Parc aquatique

    Starting at 239 €/ week

    Starting at 26 €/ night

  • Les Bois du Châtelas

    Bourdeaux, Drôme

    Camping Bourdeaux Ciela Village Bois du Chatelas Parc aquatique

    Starting at 294 €/ week

    Starting at 24 €/ night

  • Atlantica

    Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pays basque

    Starting at 215 €/ week

    Starting at 23 €/ night

  • Le Castel Rose

    Anduze, Gard

    Camping Anduze Ciela Village Castel Rose

    Starting at 302 €/ week

    Starting at 22 €/ night

  • Au Lac de Biscarrosse

    Parentis-en-Born, Landes

    Camping Parentis-en-Born Ciela Village Au Lac de Biscarrosse  parc aquatique

    Starting at 202 €/ week

    Starting at 23 €/ night

  • Terra Verdon

    Castellane, Verdon

    Camping Castellane Ciela Village Terra Verdon parc aquatique

    Starting at 271 €/ week

    Starting at 23 €/ night

  • La Rive

    Biscarrosse, Landes

    Camping Biscarrosse Ciela Village La Rive

    Starting at 278 €/ week

    Starting at 30 €/ night

  • Arc en Ciel

    Vallon Pont d'Arc, Ardèche

    Camping Vallon Pont d'Arc Ciela Village Arc en Ciel Parc aquatique

    Starting at 212 €/ week

    Starting at 22 €/ night

  • Les 2 Soleils

    Serres, Hautes-Alpes

    Camping Serres Ciela Village Les 2 Soleils Parc Aquatique

    Starting at 175 €/ week

    Starting at 14 €/ night

  • Le Tedey

    Lacanau, Gironde

    Starting at 364 €/ week

    Starting at 23 €/ night

  • Les Bans

    Corcieux, Vosges

    Camping Corcieux Ciela Village Domaine Les Bans Parc aquatique

    Starting at 272 €/ week

    Starting at 21 €/ night

  • Avignon Parc

    Vedène, Vaucluse

    Camping Vedène Ciela Village Avignon Parc Piscine couverte

    Starting at 320 €/ week

    Starting at 22 €/ night

  • La Farigoulette

    Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon, Verdon

    Camping St-Laurent-du-Verdon Ciela Village La Farigoulette lac

    Starting at 315 €/ week

    Starting at 24 €/ night

  • Les Fontaines

    Pernes-les-Fontaines, Vaucluse

    Camping Pernes Les Fontaines Ciela Village Camping Les Fontaines parc aquatique

    Starting at 360 €/ week

    Starting at 27 €/ night

  • Eurosol

    Vielle-Saint-Girons, Landes

    Camping Serres Ciela Village Eurosol Parc Aquatique

    Starting at 211 €/ week

    Starting at 22 €/ night

    Whether you are a beach, nature or lake lover, whether you prefer activities or relaxation, whether you like water sports or lounging by the heated pool, there is a Ciela Village campsite for you. Whether you are travelling with your family with children, your partner or friends, you can enjoy a dream holiday tailored to your needs. When you book a Ciela Village star-rated campsite, you can be sure to enjoy quality accommodation and many varied activities adapted to everyone. So which one will you choose? Feel free to look at our map to see where our campsites are in France and consult our guest reviews available on our campsite pages.

    Select the perfect holiday theme for you

    Need some inspiration? Let us guide you...

    If you don’t have a clear idea of where to go on your next holiday, Ciela Village will help you choose. Want to go on holiday with your 4-legged friend? Share great times with your whole tribe? Relax by the pool while your children have a blast at the kids’ club? Or stay in a higher standard of accommodation? For a low-cost holiday, check out our special offers page: depending on the time of year, you can get a discount on a week’s stay or extra free nights. So don’t wait any longer to discover our selection of trip ideas to inspire you!

    Find your next holiday destination

    In the most beautiful regions of France

    With Ciela Village, you can discover the most beautiful regions of France when you stay at our campsites in great locations. Learn all the secrets of the Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Aquitaine, the Pyrénées-Orientales and many other regions. Choose your destination, we take care of the rest to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

    Why choose a Ciela Village campsite for your holiday in France?

    Exceptional settings in the most beautiful regions of France

    High quality accommodations at the best price

    A welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere

    Many free amenities, activities and entertainment

    Our accommodations

    Accommodations for all tastes

    From 2 to 6 bedrooms, the range of mobile homes offered by Ciela Village provides you with comfortable accommodations perfectly adapted to your needs. If you prefer to pitch a tent or bring your camper, book a bare pitch with a nice space at any of our campsites, in the Landes region, the Ardèche, the Verdon or why not try Aquitaine.

    Take advantage of a campsite right on the water

    A gorgeous setting for a holiday in the water!

    Ciela Village offers a variety of waterfront holiday options! Our star-rated campsites with quick access to beautiful bodies of water mean you can swim with your children or friends. You will be able to enjoy the beach in Basque Country on the Aquitaine coast, the joys of swimming in the Anduze River in the Languedoc-Roussillon, or water activities on the Lake of Verdon or Biscarrosse, all without using your car! The hardest part will be deciding where on the waterfront to go!