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You don’t necessarily have an unlimited budget for your holiday, right?
With Ciela Village, spend an unforgettable holiday in the most beautiful star-rated campsites in France and take advantage of our exceptional promotions all year long!
Do you have a limited budget for your holiday? Thanks to our campsite special offers, you won’t spend more than you plan to! If you want save money and go on holiday for a low cost, it’s easy: stay tuned for all our current discounts and promotions! Why pay full price when you can take advantage of exceptional promotional offers for your camping holiday?

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Go on holiday and save money


See our selection of the best offers at our Ciela Village campsites:

Offre Printemps



Enjoy a 10% discount on your stay




No booking fee on a bare pitch!


Don’t miss our special offers!

Get a great value for your camping holiday

At our Ciela Village star-rated campsites located throughout France, we think of you and your wallet. This is why we do all we can all year so that you can go on holiday on a budget in the most beautiful regions of France: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Occitanie, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Grand-Est.


See our special offers for a low-cost holiday:

  • ANCV vouchers

Holiday vouchers are accepted at all Ciela Village campsites.

Are you a salaried employee who has holiday vouchers? At our Ciela Village campsites, you can use this payment method to book your holiday, no matter how long you stay.

How to proceed? It’s easy, to pay with holiday vouchers, just send them by registered letter directly to the campsite address. Each voucher must be sent with the detachable portion and contact information of the provider insert with the campsite name filled in. If you send us a whole booklet, there is no need to detach the vouchers. You will receive a confirmation email from us as soon as we receive your holiday vouchers.


  • Connect holiday vouchers

In partnership with the ANCV, Ciela Village also accepts the new ANCV Connect payment system. Instead of sending your holiday vouchers to the campsite by mail, you also have the option of paying directly via the mobile application to save time.


  • Ticket sales 

Discover the area around the campsite:

– Ticketing service available at the campsite

– Preferential rates negotiated for you with our partners

– Activities close to the campsite

Each campsite has contracts with local partners to offer you preferential rates on local activities. Don’t miss out!

To find out more about what the campsite has to offer, you can ask at reception or during the welcome cocktail, or use the free Ciela Village application in which you will find all the information you need for your stay and the available activities. An easy way to plan your stay and not miss anything! For more details on our application, click here.


  • ACSI Card

If you are a member of the Camping Card ASCI program, Camping Card Key Europe or Carte ADAC, you can benefit from preferential rates at all our Ciela Village campsites. You will find comfortable pitches for a holiday in your camper in peace and quiet at an attractive price.


  • Cancellation Insurance

Book your holiday with peace of mind with Campez Couvert cancellation insurance.

Easy and fast, this is the most complete holiday insurance on the market. It also covers Covid-19.