Campsite with Pool Area - Ciela Village

Campsite with Pool Area

Swimming to your heart's content!

What would a camping holiday be without swimming?

At Ciela Village star-rated campsites in France, our guests love the water, especially with our beautiful pool areas located at the campsites!

Water parks, heated and/or indoor pools, slides and water games: there’s something for every taste and every age at our luxury 3, 4 and 5-star establishments.  

Our campgrounds and pool areas are located in exceptional environments near the seaside (beach or ocean), a lake or a river, in the most beautiful regions of France, and invite you to escape, relax and have fun with your partner, family or friends! Put on your swimsuit and dive into our water parks, just a few steps from your accommodation, and make unforgettable memories during your camping holiday!

Campsites with Indoor Pools

Go on a camping holiday stress-free, knowing you’ll be able to enjoy the water and swim whenever you want at a Ciela Village campsite with an indoor pool! This means you and your family can take to the water, whatever the weather or the time of year!  

Whether you choose to travel in the middle of the summer or in the spring, you can jump in the water, to the delight of all ages!  

Relaxing, water games, swimming, splashing around: our indoor pools have everything you could wish for! There’s no doubt about it, a campsite with an indoor swimming pool is a major asset for a successful holiday, one that you’ll love jumping in after an activity at the campsite or a day of tourism in the region!

Our Campsites with Water Slides  

What if your holiday at the campsite were all about fun, slipping and sliding?

Water slides are a must at water parks and pools for fans of thrills in the water!

Choose a Ciela Village star-rated campsite with water slides for fun, adrenaline and laughs with family or friends!

Water slides are just as much fun for kids as they are for grown-ups, so guests are sure to have a good time during their stay!  

Different shapes and sizes, straight or curved, open or closed, with or without a tube, you can choose the perfect water slide for you! If you’re a daredevil with an appetite for speed and thrills, then you’re sure to love the water slides at our campsites, for a camping holiday full of adrenaline!

Campsites with Heated Pools

Are you dreaming of a camping holiday in the sun, where you can swim and have fun in the water? No need to wait for summer to get away from it all with our Ciela Village star-rated campsites with heated pools! Who says you can only go swimming in July and August?  Our campsites’ heated pools mean that even our most temperature-sensitive guests take a dip whatever the season. Our pools are always the perfect temperature! Whether you travel a little before summer or a little after, you can jump right in! If you’re going on a camping trip with children, a heated pool is perfect for the little ones. They’ll get right in the water and splash around!

If you’re looking for the best campsite with a heated pool for you and your family, take a look at the page with all our campsites with heated pools so you can find the one that’s right for you! 

Our Campsites with Wellness Areas and Spas

What if, in addition to the beautiful grounds and pool areas at our campsites, you had the opportunity to relax and unwind in a space reserved for wellness? Some of our Ciela Village campsites feature a wellness area and spa, perfect for taking time out for yourself just a few steps from your holiday rental. There’s no need to leave the campsite, and no need to drive for miles to enjoy this long-awaited moment for yourself!