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Luxury campsites - the new trend (advice and tips)

Nowadays, camping is synonymous with luxury. A new trend that has been thriving over the last few years! Even though camping has always been popular, there are now signs of a real move upmarket in the outdoor holiday market reflecting changes in the expectations of holidaymakers.

As with hotels, campsites are now rated according to a star system ranging from 1 to 5, which allows you to see if the campsite meets a certain number of criteria in terms of comfort, the quality of its accommodation, the services it provides and accessibility.

Even though camping continues to be one of the most popular ways to go on holiday at an affordable price, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. You must forget all of the misconceptions and preconceived ideas about camping, because nowadays camping, which, it should be noted, has been renamed “outdoor accommodation” has a brand new look, one that is much more contemporary and in line with the new expectations of consumers.

The days when you had to struggle to pitch your tent, filled with uncomfortable restless nights and meals consisting of cans of food warmed up over a gas heater are well and truly over! Holidaying in the great outdoors where you can recharge your batteries without compromising on comfort is the new winning formula.

Nowadays, holidaymakers are becoming increasingly more demanding and wanting a “turnkey” break: they do not want to grapple with pitching a tent on arrival, they just want to dump their bags and make the most of all the campsite has to offer.

For tailor-made holidays specific to the needs of the holidaymaker, our campsites are increasingly developing their à la carte service system for a fully customised stay. This enables us to go beyond simple accommodation rental and allows holidaymakers to fully manage their stay in terms of outings, activities, meals, etc.

The 4 and 5-star campsites now have just as much to offer as hotels - they are tastefully decorated and well-equipped to meet the needs of our guests. This move upmarket also helps attract and win over a new group of customers who maybe would never have previously tried out the more traditional style of camping.

Alongside the highly popular mobile homes, there are also top-of-the-range alternatives seeking to combine luxury and nature, comfort and authenticity. This is referred to as “glamping”, or typically unique accommodation that is comfortable and in keeping with its surroundings. It is the ideal alternative for those wanting the warm atmosphere of a campsite, something a little bit out of the ordinary and maximum comfort.

What about you, do you fancy spending your next holiday in luxury at one of our 10 top-of-the-range campsites in the South of France?