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  • How do you choose your campsite or holiday rental in the South of France?

How do you choose your campsite or holiday rental in the South of France?

When thinking of booking a holiday, we always ask ourselves the same question: where shall we go?

For a good holiday, you first have to decide where you want to stay. And quite frankly, nowadays there is certainly not a lack of destinations! On the contrary, there are so many, it is often difficult to choose!

At Ciela Village, to help you choose which one of our 10 campsites in the South of France would be best for you, we have decided to share some of our tips with you to help you get it right!

Define your priorities on holiday

First and foremost, you need to determine your preferences: sea or mountains? Do you want to party or are looking for some peace and quiet? On our 10 campsites, the number of pitches varies from 183 to 700 so you will undoubtedly be able to find what you’re looking for.

Similarly, your needs will differ according to the composition of your party: family, couple or group of friends. The answers to all these questions will help you decide exactly which Ciela Village campsite will best meet your needs.

Consider the leisure activities you enjoy so as not to get bored on your camping holiday 

Holidays are often associated with recreation and entertainment, so don’t forget to take a look at the equipment and facilities offered by our 10 campsites to avoid disappointment. If you are going on holiday with children for example, you will undoubtedly appreciate a water park so they can have fun and let off steam in complete safety. Or perhaps a heated swimming pool and a water play area is all you need.  

You like being on the move? Visiting and exploring? Remember to really consider the location of the campsite to make sure there is enough to satisfy your thirst for curiosity in the surrounding area. Depending on the area, you will have more or less places of interest and activities nearby. You should also consider the distance from the places that interest you to avoid the stress of long car journeys.

The conundrum of which type of accommodation

After location, you need to think about the type of accommodation you want. Our campsites now offer you a choice from a wide range of rentals. Pitches where you can install your tent, caravan or camper van, or mobile homes - you are spoilt for choice at Ciela Village campsites! You can choose from our range of increasingly modern and comfortable accommodation or you can think outside the box and go for something a little more unusual, such as our Ciela Nature tent.

Carefully choose the location of your rental on the campsite

During your stay on one of our campsites, think about the location that would best meet your needs: in the centre of the campsite so you are at the heart of the entertainment, or, on the contrary, further away for some peace and quiet! At Ciela Village, the allocation of pitches is done on a first come first served basis (based on the order in which bookings are received) and taking account of any special requests made by our guests (wanting to be next to friends, close to or away from the swimming pool, etc.) and according to availability on the date we receive your request.

Lastly, and even though it may seem obvious, think about determining your budget beforehand so that you choose the campsite best suited to you. This will allow you sit back and enjoy your holiday without any nasty surprises at the end!

So, which of our 10 campsites are you going to choose for your next holiday?