Ciela Village, a new name in the 4 and 5-star outdoor accommodation sector, shares similar values to those of the sailing community and decided to sponsor a 15-metre trimaran over the long-term, the Ciela Village Multi50.  

The partnership between the Ciela Village chain and the Multi50 originated from the development of a project close to the heart of the Chairman of the chain, who has been passionate about sailing from a young age. This investment has paid off because, since its success in the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre, the Ciela Village teams have used the feats of the vessel to promote their shared values: courage, team spirit, performance and determination.

Respect for the natural environment, ecology, passion for sport, sharing and innovation are the terms that really drive the top class campsites that represent the Ciela Village brand and the Multi50 of the same name…

The nautical sponsorship project has contributed considerably to the influence of the Ciela Village chain and is of growing interest, both internally and externally.